Greece: a strange country indeed!

Bebi and Maria Bajrami

An old Albanian couple, Bebi and Maria Bajrami, were refused entry to Greece, simply because they had the bad luck of having been born there. At the border check, the Greek clerk made them clear that if they wanted to enter Greece, they should change their birthplace. “Όχι Τσαμουριά!” – “Chameria no!”, was his reaction upon seeing their passports, reading: “Born in Margëlliç, Çamëria”. Originally from Margariti (Margëlliç), Bebi left Greece in the aftermath of WWII, when the Greek military forces expelled all Muslim Albanians from what is now Thesprotia prefecture, Northern Greece, for allegedly collaborating with the Nazis. After living in tents for a while, Bebi settled in Vlorë. He was sixteen at the time. His wife, Maria, also from Margariti, was only 20 days old.

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